Casa mia | mobile model-making workshop

2016 / Part of “Casa Mia”, a project of S27 hosted by AWO Refugium in Berlin-Lichtenberg.
Artistic direction: Federica Teti + Todosch Schlopsnies

A two-week action at the refugee and migrant reception centre Awo Refugium. We placed in the backside of a Plattenbau (a concrete prefabricated building from the DDR time) a self-constructed mobile structure to host the activities of CASA MIA. Kids get invited to build up models of an imaginary city in scale 1:10 using recycled material. Similar to a market stand, the work station was daily apprenticed and than dismantled in the evening. A yellow Tent, working tables, glue guns, wood and many left-overs to get upcycled. Our working station became soon a meeting point and a place of interactions between residents and neighbors.