Elastizität Spannung Balance

Elastizität Spannung Balance, site specific temporary installation. Wood.

Building-workshop with pupils of a wilkommensklasse, Coop Campus, Schlesische 27, Berlin.
Artists: Federica Teti + Todosch Schlopsnies

See also: BAUMIT

The Coop Campus is part of the western Jerusalem cemetery V in Berlin-Neukölln. The Evangelische Friedhofsverband Berlin-Stadtmitte tendered the site on a long-term basis in order to create a creative place of learning, work and meeting with the involvement of the neighborhood. Experimental Landscape Garden: the site is a Research field. The project was initiated bySchlesische 27with raumlaborberlin as partner. Artistic collaboration with Todosch Schlopsnies.
We were asking the people “How to use the garden?”
We focused on temporary installation, took recycling seriously, played with simple structures.