Planet Zille | S27

The planet Zille is a new discovered planet. The new incomers are 8 years old and have to find out how the new world is working and how to deal with a lot of left-overs from the previous ages.
The planetary-painting is a map of the planet. Kids painted it during one week workshop in September 2018. Planet Zille presents a big variety of landscapes, there is a desert with reptiles and insects and there is a pony ranch; from the desert is possible to get in the underworld, there are graves and skeletons dancing and a lake in a cave, where many bats are sleeping. At the top of the painting is a volcano, a robot with long arms, is getting energy from the lava. Under the volcano is a salted lake and over it is a long bridge; the water is full of fishes and octopuses.In a big farm grow biologic vegetables and fruit, there are bees. The planetary transports land in the “rocket-station”, a square with many stairs.The rubbish constantly gets collected and separated in the recycling station.

Planet Zille has an own Stadion: the “Zille Stadion”, a group of pupils built a model of it with left-overs materials. Today Venus is playing against Earth. The tribunes are crowded. The infrastructures around the Stadion allow visitors from all the galaxies to get there by bus, by car or by “Portal”, a very expensive form of tele-transport. The model shows the 89’’ minutes of the play: the Earth is scoring the winning goal (and the ball is still sticking to the net!).

The project was initiated from Schlesische 27 as experimental artistic education; I worked with a team of 3 artists and two classes of the primary school Heinrich Zille. The project took place in Neukölln in the Coop-Campus, an ex-cemetery that get transformed, from the association, into a community garden.