Fake Jogger

Fake jogger / un giro fuori porta.

Venturing beyond the desktop background, moving, observing, gathering. Fake Jogger is the exploring unit: a female body in a colorful jumpsuit walks the edges of the urban landscape, wanders slowly through the ruins of agricultural and industrial legacies, interacts with contaminated nature and cars. Fake Jogger is inspired by a collective practice born during the pandemic’s first lockdown in Italy: it’s about being outside and slow, stretching and training, resisting solitude, grief and times of radical changes.

Fake Jogger is SF, storytelling about what is really going on. Fake Jogger uses a smartphone, a bike, a backpack, gloves, a bottle of water, aspirins and a tool to collect trash. The practice seeks ways to overcome the cultural division between nature and technology, while charting strategies of resilience or collaboration between the human and the non-human.

The landscape is not the environment! The in-between is the core space of survival! I have the body I’m House in! Auszeit! Stories are bags for beautiful things.

Residency: 2024 Altre Memorie, Punto Zero, Udine, Italy. With the contribution of: Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia.

”FAKE JOGGER, un’uscita fuoriporta. Uscire e camminare, muoversi dentro e furi allo sfondo desktop, raccogliere. Fake Jogger (una figura che si ispira ad una prassi collettiva nata durante il primo lock-down) è chi osserva il paesaggio suburbano, si muove lungo i bordi e cerca programmaticamente nuovi modi di raccontare la realtà rinunciando alla separazione tra natura e tecnologia e tracciando strategie di resilienza o collaborazione tra umano e non umano.”