2017 – graphic design. First edition.

“Microfestival, nomadic festival for performance”.

A Project by: Puntozero.
With the contribution of: Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia e Fondazione Friuli.

I developed the graphic (flyers, posters, and logo) for the first edition of the festival in 2017. I joined the festival as ‘invited artist’ in 2017 and 2019.

Microfestival is a nomadic festival for performance, which takes place in small mountain villages along the borders between Austria, Italy, and Slovenia. An ‘Ape Piaggio’ and a group of artists from different disciplines tour through the summer landscape of the Alps. Microfestival transforms the central square, the churchyard, and the bar of the village into spaces of performance. The tour usually follows a week of “on-site” residency, where the artists connect with the places, interact with the inhabitants, and their stories. Each stage of the Microfestival culminates with a collective dinner and an open stage for musical interventions.

Tags: graphic and Performance.