Sssoft Resistance

A picnic blanket crafted collectively for both leisure and urban interventions.

Sewing, embroidering, debating! Spatial practice and a feminist practice of crafting. With the helps of many hands we craft a blanket that doubles as a feminist banner. Two fabric tunnels on the sides allow for the attachment of broomsticks if desired, making it easy to display. This blanket is made for gatherings, encounters, picnics, or taking space in the city. While we stitch, we discuss about city life and public spaces from a feminist perspective, as well as personal experiences and wishes for the place we live in.

With Katja Schmidt.
With the support of Costanza Rossi, Sheila Seyfert-Menzel, Marjan Boutorabi.
The workshop was part of the “Urban Praxis Woche, 2023” and was realized in Berlin Lichtenberg.